Threading tool


I. Threading taps:

  • Threading taps for general steels up to 1,000 N/mm2
  • Threading taps for alloyed steels 900-1,400 N/mm2
  • Threading taps for stainless steel
  • Threading taps for drilling aluminium, copper, titanium, etc.
  • HSSE-PM for machining alloyed steel and stainless steels
  • Hard metal threading taps for hardened steel and aluminium-silicon alloys
  • Manual threading taps and kits
  • Threading taps with left-handed design and with a tolerance other than 6H
  • Warehouse stock in Hungary

      Threading tap finder

II. Threadformers

      Threadformer finder

III. Thread milling cutter

      Thred milling cutter finder

IV. Round dies

V. Thread gauges



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