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Mineral oil-based cutting fluids




·         Blasocut

·         Vasco

·         Grindex

The products in the Blasocut range are mineral oil-based high-performance cutting fluids for virtually all machining operations, obtainable in chlorine free or chlorinated versions as desired.



Highest performance in various grades, wiht ou wirhout EP (Extreme Pressure) addivites

The excellent lubricating properties gaurantee low friction. This protects cutting tool edges even at high cutting pressures and temperatures

Good surface quality and extended tool life



Very good compatibility with human skin

No raw materials shown on the lists of carcinogenic materials or those with possible carcinogenic potential


Blasocut meets the most important criteria for stability and consequently achieves long sump life


The Blasucut concept supports the build-up of a natural bacterial flora, restricting effectively the growth of fungi.

Hardness factos

Hardness resistant, no de-ionised water needed.


Stable pH values from 8.5-9.2 irrespective of concentration.

Tramp oil separation

The emulsifier system used gives Blasocut very good tramp oil separation capacity. In this way, the negative effects from emulsifying oul are eliminated to a large extent.

Foaming action

Calcium in the added water in combination with Blasocut form what are known as calcium soaps. These finely dispersed particles act as natural foam retardants.

Vasco 1000 is a water-miscible high-performance cutting fluid based on natural ester



Highest performance without chlorine

Universally applicable

Suitable for all materials, in particular for very dense and tough steel


Good compatibility with human skin

Vasco concentrate is 100% biologically degradable within 28 days


Vasco 1000 achieves excellent sump life


Vasco is well protected against microbial attack

Hardness factor

Hardness resistant, no de-ionised water necessary

pH value

Stable pH values from 8.5-9.2, regardless of concentration

Tramp of separation

Vasco 1000 has good capacity for tramp oil separation

Foaming action

Low foam, even with soft water


Grindex is a chlorine free and oil free synthetic cutting fluid, achieving long sump life and universally suitable for all materials and grinding wheels



Synthetic cutting fluid with high cutting performance


Good compatibility with human kin


Grindex achieves long sump life for the following reasons:


Grindex is well protected against microbial attack

Hardness factor

The product is very stable as regards hardness

pH value

Stable pH values from 8.7-9.2, irrespective of concentration

Tramp oil separation

Water stable oils are not emulsified. Good capacity for tramp oil separation

Foaming action

Grindex is an extremely low foaming product irrespective of hardness of water