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Machining center


Vertical, 3-axis CNC milling cutters that can be supplied from a Hungarian warehouse with short deadline


· With heavy-duty linear wires on all the three axes

· Strong cast structure of high rigidity, which improves the machining performance and increases the service life of the tool and the machine, so reducing the costs

· Pre-tensioned and precise ball spindles of large diameters on all the three axes

· Several types of optional control, so it can easily adjusted into the existing equipment park

· preparation of the 4th axis (option)

· Cooling through the spindle (option) 

· Increased revolution (option) 



For further milling jobs milling cutters of horizontal or portal design with either 12,000 mm movement range, a pallatizing system can be supplied with short deadline.

Machining centres at marketable prices 

Our colleagues provide assistance in the construction of the machine combination best meeting your requirements. We are always at your disposal through the following availabilities, or if you click on the “Contact / Quotation” button we will contact you after filling in the data sheet:  László Simonyi / 06-30-248-7183 /