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Grinding machine


Surface grinders that can be supplied with a Hungarian warehouse with short deadline, with cycle control, up to 1,000 mm size

· Precision, automatic surface grinding machine                                                                

· Rigid cast machine body

· Wide transversal movement

· All the three axes are automated

· Hydraulic longitudinal movement

· Advancement by means of a stepper motor, fast upwards/downwards movement with an AC motor

· Transversal movement with a servomotor, allowing the cascade and continuous feed for grinding

· Easy to operate, Hungarian touch screen control

· Wide choice of options



Big capacity face and profile grinding machines up to 810x3050mm table size, and NC, CNC cylindrical grinding machine  with short delivery time.

Grinding machines at a marketable price

Our colleagues provide assistance in the construction of the machine combination best meeting your requirements. We are always at your disposal through the following availabilities, or if you click on the “Contact / Quotation” button we will contact you after filling in the data sheet:  László Simonyi / 06-30-248-7183 /