Fluid equipments and devices


Nimatic oil skimmer

The Nimatic 2430E type of oil skimmer with magnetic base removes tramp oil from the surface of the metalworking fluids and returns the skimmed liquid emulsion to the container. The lifetime of the metalworking fluids can be increased from 2-3 weeks to even 26 weeks also due to o use oil skimmer.
Small dimensions make it fi in almost every CNC machines and the installation is easy and simple with magnetic base.




Even 20 - 30 - 40 % save..............





Emulsion mixing units

The Jetmix ensures that an absolutely homogeneous emulsion is created. This homogeneity is not only achieved by the precise compounding of concentrate and water, but by means of shock waves (cavitation).

Correct preparation – provided by theJetmix – is a condition for full exploitation of the stability of the emulsion.               

The following versions are available:



The refractometer is an essential device for measurement of the concentration of water-miscible

cutting fluids.

This easy to use test apparatus is a valuable device for early detection of possible problems within the manufacturing processes.





One to two drops of the liquid to be tested are placed on the glass surface of the prism and covered over with a plastic plate.


It then is possible to read off the concentration easily through the integral eyepiece.

The reading is taken by the light dark delimitation in this scale. The measurement range is 0–32% and allows for measurement accuracy to within 0.5%.

The glass surface should be cleaned after each occasion of use.