Company History


Helvét Kft. was established as a company in 100% Swiss possession in 1991 with the aim that it could deliver the top-quality Swiss and German cutting tools for the Hungarian industry.

These were the following:


- DIXI – hard metal tools
- MANIGLEY - threading tools
- RÖNTGEN – band-saws
- DENITOOL – inserts
- VALLORBE - HSS milling cutters, precision files


The product range has significantly changed since then, you can find the current product range under the menu item of products.

The persistence of the employed staff of the enterprise consisting of 2 persons, continuous participation in trade fairs lead to wider knowledge of the company and the distributed brand names despite that the Hungarian market underwent rearrangement of unprecedented extent during these years: increasing unemployment rate, insolvency, inadequate work supply, etc. afflicted the market participants.

In 1994 49% of the company got into Hungarian hands, and the continuous development slowly started, which has gone on up to this day. Its basis was constituted by continuous development of the economic situation, regional division of the country by sales representative; as well as making the following strategic decisions.

Major milestones in the life of the company:

1997: Welding the band-saws in the field, thereby fast service of the customers

1999-2000: Purchase of two new welding machines, so the capacity significantly increased, and welding of bimetal bands became possible in a 20-100 mm range.

2001: Establishment of the Blaser cutting fluids division, the distribution of these materials with exclusive rights in Hungary

January 2002: The company gets into Hungarian possession in 100%. – 2002: Exclusive representation of JOKE polishing technology in Hungary

2005: - A new site, which allows further growing
- Exclusive distribution of DANOBAT band saw machines in Hungary, with this we started putting down the bases of distribution of machine tools.

2007: Establishment of the division of machine tools, distribution of System 3R clamping systems and BREMA EDM wires

2009: Establishment of Fluid management teams for some customers

2010: - Expansion of the warehouse building

- Distribution of own branded (HELVÉT) products, milling cutters; band-saws; band-saw machines, etc.

- The aim is to offer products with good price / value rate to our partners. The expansion of the product range is continuous, still lasts in 2011.

- Introduction of new corporate management software

2011: The aim is to reinforce the distribution of machine tools within the turnover of our company. For this we seek for new suppliers, develop our relationships with the existing ones.

We aim to participate in the development of the Hungarian industry more and more, please be our partner in this.



     Attila Schmidt
managing director